The Secret to Discovering Your Life Purpose

As a business owner, it can be so confusing at times when you wonder what your true purpose is and whether your business and personal life are aligned with that purpose.

Clearly defining one’s life purpose is a quest that some say can never truly be answered. I disagree. I came up with my own definition of life purpose that finally made sense to me.

Are you ready for it?

I believe that your purpose in life is to simply live in joy. To be happy.

I know that sounds really simple, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is true. The way that you live in joy is to do things that make you happy as much as you possibly can.

For some, this comes easily, but for others it may take some deep soul searching. There are no rules to follow, just the rules set out by your heart.

Try some of the following activities when searching for your true purpose:

Activities and hobbies. Reflect on your favorite activities and hobbies. What do you love doing, even if no one pays you?

Skills and intelligence. what skills do you have the other people rely on you for, and they constantly tell you how impressed they are with your abilities in that area? But it just comes easy to you.

Happiness. What do you seem to be doing when you’re the happiest? When do you simply lose track of time because you love what you’re doing so much?

Follow Your Bliss

To put it quite simply, if you’re following your bliss, you’re on the road to living your true purpose.

Remember, you’ll always have outside influences when it comes to finding life’s meaning, but following your heart and what brings you joy is the only true answer.

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