Vacation Effect

Denise confesses… on Lisa Cherney’s Get F***ing Real Show


Yes, I did something that many business owners haven’t done… I confessed! Lisa Cherney, the Host of the Get F***ing Real Show, featured my story this week, and wow does it feel great.

I run 3 successful businesses in addition to being a mom and wife. Through trial and error, I’ve uncovered how to get more done in less time, while growing my businesses, traveling the world, and having incredible amounts of fun!

Now I’m on a mission to help other crazy busy entrepreneurs learn how to get more done while scaling their businesses quickly and doing the things they love. Lisa and her podcast align with my mission, which is one reason I took the leap and got f***ing real with her on GFR. 

It’s such an honor to participate in this movement and support entrepreneurs around the world as we expose the true triumph behind abundant success.

I encourage you to watch me share my juicy ‘From Workaholic Unhappy Millionaire to 3-Day Workweek’ story! Listen to the full episode here.