The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Lifestyle Business

Lifestyle Business

The Ultimate Guide To Creating a Lifestyle Business is a road map of principles, concepts and tools that busy entrepreneurs can embrace to build a lifestyle business without sacrificing business growth. Most entrepreneurs form their own companies for the freedom it promises, and then don’t make “free time” a priority because they are too focused on growth mode. 

What if we can show you that don’t need to pick one over the other?  It’s a pretty powerful notion – are you ready to dive in and learn more?

The concepts introduced in the following chapters will focus on working smarter, not harder and introduce you to our hyper-efficiency model of growing your business by taking away from your “to-do” list. In addition, we will offer some great time hacking tips you can incorporate into your work routine to get you closer to enjoying the freedom you deserve.

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A lifestyle entrepreneur is a business owner who has plenty of freedom to do what they want while their business continues to grow. They have learned how to plan their business around their life instead of the other way around, and fully reap the rewards of their success.

Why Create A Lifestyle Business?

As a busy entrepreneur, the money you make and the time you spend growing your business are only as valuable as the freedom that they give you to create a meaningful life.

Do you realize it is possible to have growth in your business AND plenty of free time, without having to pick one over the other? In fact, working less and having more free time is actually one of the key ingredients to growing your business.

Have you ever noticed how you become super productive right before you go on vacation, when you get a month’s worth of work done just two days before you leave? Right?  Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, I sure wish I could be that productive all the time?”

Well, the secret we have discovered is that you CAN be that productive all the time. By incorporating some time and growth hacks into your daily routine, you can literally take a week vacation every single month if you want to.  

Learn How To Design Your Lifestyle Business

If you would like to create a freedom lifestyle and are willing to embrace the mindset it takes to make a change, then keep reading. The concepts covered in the following chapters will show you how to create a freedom lifestyle for yourself.

What You’ll Discover

Follow along and discover how to create that lifestyle business you’ve been dreaming about. By introducing some key strategies to your routine and including some business growth and time hacks, you will be on your way
to working a 4 day work week or less, without feeling guilty!

In Chapter 1, you will explore the true meaning of business freedom and how to create it in your own life for what really matters.

In Chapter 2, you will learn the principle of work smarter not harder.  You have been lied to about business growth in the past and will be shocked once you discover the truth.

In Chapter 3, you will discover 12 different growth hacks that lifestyle entrepreneurs use daily.  You can use these growth hacks yourself for faster growth and a better life.

In Chapter 4, your will learn how to achieve business growth by removing from your “to-do” list, not adding to it.  This principle is called “Growth by Subtraction”, and when done correctly, it leads to “multiplication”.

In Chapter 5, you will discover several ways to use time hacking to double your productivity.  Are you ready to “Get Shit Done” faster than you ever imagined?

In Chapter 6, you will unlock the closely held secrets to leveraging entrepreneur groups for fast business growth.  This strategy can skyrocket your growth.

In Chapter 7, you will learn all about delegating tasks effectively. Hint: Most business owners do this totally wrong.

In Chapter 8, discover how you can create a 4 day work week for yourself that is sustainable long term.  It’s easier to accomplish than you might think.

In Chapter 9, you’ll learn the recommended next steps for creating the freedom lifestyle that you deserve.  You’ll also learn the best resources (including a business growth coach) to support you in this process.

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