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If you’re an entrepreneur

your business should be freeing you, not trapping you. 

All too often, business owners end up stuck, feeling like the only way to grow is to work harder and harder. In The Vacation Effect® for Entrepreneurs, business strategist and lifestyle designer Denise Gosnell shows busy entrepreneurs how to create the free time they crave while growing the business they love.

Use this revolutionary methodology to reconnect with what matters, creating the freedom lifestyle you’ve always wanted. This easy-to-follow guide starts by helping you identify where you are in your business and what your dream lifestyle looks like. Then, learn how to “Grow by Subtraction,” using unconventional strategies to expand your business by working less and having more fun.

Growing your business should be a joy, not an exhausting struggle. If you dream of living life on your own terms, The Vacation Effect® for Entrepreneurs can help you make that dream a reality.



Denise Gosnell is the author and co-author of nine books and the founder of The Vacation Effect, Inc., helping busy entrepreneurs create more freedom than they ever dreamed possible. She has spoken on stages in eight different countries and has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including TV, radio, magazines, podcasts, and more.

As a well-known business strategist and attorney, Denise employs her own methodology to own and operate three companies in three totally different industries, working an average of just three days per week. She is passionate about showing busy entrepreneurs how to reclaim their joy and reconnect with the things that matter most.

I’ve worked with Denise Gosnell on literally hundreds of business and personal projects over the past 12+ years. Her diverse skillset as a business strategist, lawyer, real estate investor, problem solver, and collaborator has been invaluable to me. I don’t enter into any important business deal unless I run it past Denise first.
Joe Polish
Entrepreneur, Founder of Genius Network and Piranha Marketing, Inc.
You know those moments right before vacation when you are super productive and get like a month’s worth of work done in the few days before you leave? Denise has brilliantly captured that concept as “The Vacation Effect” and reveals how we can all benefit from that powerful principle and so many more. Highly recommend.
Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Best-selling Author and Organizational Psychologist
It sounds almost too good to be true…how can you work less, make more and enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always wanted? That’s the “vacation effect” and I’ve personally witnessed Denise live into this fully and see her entire world expand. And now she’s been helping other smart entrepreneurs reset all the programs we’ve been fed over the years why this can’t happen. Give it a try as a 30-day experiment and then see!
Yanik Silver
Founder Maverick1000 and Author Evolved Enterprise
I used to work crazy hours all the time until my cancer scare several years ago. That forced me to learn how to get better results in less time. In “The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs”, Denise teaches you how to do that plus a whole lot more. She really walks her talk and gives you the step-by-step strategies to live a much happier life.
Mike Koenigs
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and CEO of The Superpower Accelerator
I’ve had the honor of knowing Denise for many, many years. Actually a decade. And what I know about her is not only she’s knowledgeable, she’s also passionate about helping other people. And here I am, a busy entrepreneur with many, many companies, and I need to learn how to have the vacay life and she’s teaching me how to slow down, how to pay attention, and how to tune in to the things that really matter to me. So, if you’re one of those busy entrepreneurs, which I bet you are, then you need to be reading Denise’s book and learning from her as well. Couldn’t have a better teacher.
Lee Richter
Lee Richter
CEO of Richter Communications & Design Group and
Denise Gosnell is a treasure and a businesswoman of epic proportions...someone who only a select group of clients have been able to tap into her genius…until now. The lessons she has learned during her transformation from a self-proclaimed workaholic entrepreneur into a lifestyle entrepreneur are documented uniquely, and with an actionable plan for all of us to follow, in her book, “The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs: Grow Your Business Even Faster by Working Less and Having More Fun”. Denise walks the walk on this evidenced by the step-by-step plan she has created (and outlines with meticulous detail) ...which if you follow, chapter by chapter, you will achieve the promise of the title. She has been a tremendous resource for me throughout my career as a trusted attorney, confidant and sounding board on all things business and life...valuable beyond measure. Now you will have the opportunity to soak up her wisdom by reading (and then living) The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs.
Brian Kurtz
Titans Marketing and author of Overdeliver and The Advertising Solution
What’s the point of having your own business if it doesn’t give you a freedom lifestyle and personal fulfillment? In “The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs”, Denise provides you with a brilliant roadmap for creating a life and business you’ll love and be proud of. I highly recommend taking the time to read this book. Well done, Denise! This book is a must for all entrepreneurs.
Glen Ledwell
Co-Founder of Mind Movies and CEO of Flight Club Mastermind
Any entrepreneur who is in growth mode can leverage meditation as a secret weapon to expedite business growth and live a more fulfilling life. I love how Denise acted on a “spontaneous insight” she received from the divine during one of her meditations to “make today what you want tomorrow to be”. When she put that principle and insight into action, The Vacation Effect concept and lifestyle was born, totally transforming her life forever. Now, you have the opportunity right in front of you to transform your own life too if you put the principles in “The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs” into action. Follow Denise’s blueprint and “make today what you want tomorrow to be”.
Jason Campbell
Co-founder of Zen Wellness and #1 Billboard Recording Artist
If you’re ready to say goodbye to the daily grind and finally create a business that serves your life, The Vacation Effect for Entrepreneurs is the book you must read this year.
Alex Mandossian
Founder and CEO of