Denise Featured In The Entrepreneur Success Summit with Kathy Walterhouse

The Entrepreneur Success Summit featuring Denise Gosnell

Here’s the thing. You’re an entrepreneur. You have exceptional problem-solving skills, a sharp mind, and a tendency to always find the most simple and innovative way to do something. You already have plenty, but you’re missing the right kind of guidance.

I was honored to be a guest speaker at The Entrepreneur Success Summit, hosted by Kathy Walterhouse, a successful entrepreneur who has sold close to a BILLION DOLLARS. Years ago, Kathy was struggling to make it and had no idea how and what she needed to do. Now she is all about helping other entrepreneurs pursue doing what they love, how to inspire people and leave an impact, and more importantly how to make money off their passion.

During this interview, we focused on sharing knowledge on how to create a solid action plan to finally turn the profits you’ve always wanted.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll get in my interview with Kathy:

  • The Big “Grind” Lie that keeps you tired, your business broken, and your life unstable. (It literally took my house burning down to come to this realization.)
  • “Grow by Subtraction” – Get even more done by deleting items on your to-do list (instead of adding to it.)
  • The “Experiment” I conducted – an eye-opener on the inefficiencies in my own businesses (and how to optimize them.)
  • Business Freedom is something you can finally have once you reach a certain level of time or money freedom, right? WRONG! This one mindset shift can explode your business profits by reducing the number of hours you work.

You can check out the video interview below.

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