Becoming A Hyper-Productive Entrepreneur By Waking Up Late

Most entrepreneurs think that waking up early is the path to success and victory, and you can’t blame them. Countless articles discuss the value of going to bed early and waking up early. You get more rest and get more done, in theory. In practice, that’s not always the case. Granted, some very successful people work off an “early to bed” schedule.

They’re not you. You may have an entirely different kind of rhythm, one that lets you stay up late. Here are a number of reasons you should consider becoming more of a night owl:

1. You’re More Creative at Night

When you wake up early in the morning, you have the rest of the day ahead of you. Mentally, you’re getting ready for the productivity required for the coming day. Things are different at night. Everything’s behind you and tomorrow waits after the wall of sleep. Thus, you can be more creative because you’re less burdened by the day’s requirements.

2. You Get to See More Personally

Stay up later, you get to see more things for yourself. Sure, you can sleep and wake up to hundreds of texts telling you that your favorite team won, but you can, instead, see it with your own eyes. It’s an entirely different experience, one that can inspire you to greater heights. It can also be more fun, which can help with stress relief.

3. You Wake Up Happy

Alarms are useful, but for many entrepreneurs, it’s a source of stress. They go to sleep, often dreading the moment that blaring alarm will rouse them from what could be the only source of rest they have. When all you have to worry about when you wake up is your coffee, sleeping becomes easy.

4. You Can Use The Time to Get Ahead

When all is quiet, you can see the path ahead clearly. That may sound like mixed metaphors, but it’s true. It’s easier to figure out what needs doing when everyone else is asleep. Stay up late, chart a course. Send emails where they need to be sent, and go to sleep with your to-do list all crossed out.

5. You Get to Enjoy the Commute

Whether you’re driving or taking public transport, dodging rush hour is a blessing you must give yourself. The streets are emptier and you’re happier. The health problems associated with traffic are numerous, so you’re also keeping yourself in tip-top shape. This works both ways. If you’re planning on staying up anyway, you may as well go home after the rush is done. Wake up late enough, and you may end up sleeping through the morning hustle.

Waking up and sleeping late is not for all entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs find they are more productive and at their peak by sleeping later and staying up later. If you’ve never tried a different sleep routine to find your own performance sweet spot, give it a shot. It’s definitely an experiment worth trying (and you know how I love experiments). You might get bigger rewards if you do. 

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