014 Thriving In Uncertain Times with Lou Diamond

Lou Diamond

On March 20, 2020, Lou Diamond talked about how to thrive when things are scary (like with the Coronavirus right now). Listen to full episode here.

In this episode, Denise and Lou Discuss:

  • How to thrive when things are scary (like with the Coronavirus right now)
  • How to conduct effective virtual meetings even when you have a house full of people (since your whole family is working remotely)
  • Ways to create and seize opportunities in the midst of chaos, and examples of how Lou, Denise, and other companies are seizing such opportunities
  • How to leverage the power of your networks and your connections to help when you and they need it the most

Key Takeaways:

  • When things are scary, focus on serving your best clients and understanding their needs and seeing how you can add enormous value to what they are dealing with.
  • Coordinate an organized schedule with everyone in your household who is working from home.
  • Use various technologies and models to have effective virtual team meetings, including a daily virtual 10 Minute Update on video with key team members.
  • Use this time to reach out to people you haven’t connected with in a while to see how they are doing and how you can support them. You never know what opportunities you can uncover by reconnecting with your network.
  • Look for opportunities within the chaos. Think outside the box and you will be amazed at what opportunities are right in front of you to solve a current need and keep revenue coming in for your company.

About Lou Diamond:

Lou Diamond is a dynamic speaker and master connector who will energize and motivate your organization to explode your sales, retain your clients and build a thriving culture… 

For over 25 years he has been a top sales performer, keynote speaker and performance mentor.

Lou is a consultant; best-selling author; podcast & TV host; and CEO of Thrive, a company focused on helping businesses, leaders and brands become even more amazing through the power of connecting. 

He has consulted, mentored and presented to hundreds of companies the world over.  Lou inspires audiences to feel they can conquer the world…. and make tons of great new connections doing it.

Connect with Lou Diamond:

Main web site: https://thriveloud.com/

Thrive Virtually: https://thriveloud.com/jumpstart

His podcast: https://thriveloud.com/podcast/

His book: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Art-Connecting-Lou-Diamond-ebook/dp/B01N7BSRXF

Connect with Denise Gosnell and The Vacation Effect:

Website:  DeniseGosnell.com

Show:  The Vacation Effect Podcast

Book:  The Vacation Effect Book

Email:  [email protected]

Facebook: Denise Gosnell and The Vacation Effect 

LinkedIn: Denise Gosnell and The Vacation Effect, Inc. 

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