012 – Garrett Gunderson: Wealth and Relationship Hacks

Garrett Gunderson

On March 2, 2020, Garrett Gunderson joined Denise to talk about how he went from being overworked and stressed to having more free time than ever while his income also increased. Listen to full episode here.

In this episode, Denise and Garrett Discuss:

  • How Garrett was able to take 2 whole months off from his business to live in Europe for a summer, and the 5-step process he implemented in his business to make that happen.
  • How Garrett went from being overworked and stressed to having more free time than ever while his income also increased.
  • How to know what to invest your time and money in.
  • How to identify your own unique “Investor DNA” and why it is so important if you want to keep the month that you earn.
  • Some of the best ways to save money on your taxes.
  • The mistakes that entrepreneurs make when it comes to wealth.

Key Takeaways:

  • You are not your business. You are not your money. When you get so wrapped up in trying to do everything and being a perfectionist, it can be a plague on your life.
  • Take a step back and analyze what really matters to you in life. Build your business around that.
  • 95% of Americans don’t have enough money for “retirement” without working through retirement for supplemental income. The time to do something about this is NOW.
  • Make financial and business decisions in alignment with your own unique “Investor DNA”.

You are not your money. Perfectionism is a plague. – Garrett Gunderson

About Garrett Gunderson:

Garrett B Gunderson is an entrepreneur, financial advocate, and founder of Wealth Factory. Garrett brings energy and excitement to debunking the many widely accepted myths and fabrications that undermine the prosperity and joy of millions of business owners.

He is the NY Times best-selling author of Killing Sacred Cows and What Would the Rockefellers Do? He also just released a new book called Budgeting Sucks, which you can learn more about at BudgetingSucks.com. Garrett has appeared on TV shows including ABC’s Good Money, Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox, and CNBC’s Squawk on the Street — and his firm was named to the Inc 500.

He has appeared onstage next to guests like the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, F.W. De Klerk, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Daymond John, and many others.

Most importantly, Garrett makes personal finance for entrepreneurs simple, immediately actionable and even enjoyable.

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