006 Alexis Katz: It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

Alexis Katz

Alexis Katz joined the January 6, 2020 episode of The Vacation Effect Podcast, where she talked about the importance of self-care in creating your dream business. Listen to full episode here.

In this episode, Denise and Alexis discuss:

  • How Alexis has reinvented herself multiple times and the lessons she learned that transformed everything
  • Using your inner guidance to help you reach your goals faster
  • How to tap into that inner guidance to begin with
  • The surprising way to break through your prior income setpoints
  • The importance of self-care in creating your dream business

Key Takeaways:

  • Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.
  • Lean into asking yourself, “What are you wanting to show me?”  The sooner you get to that realization, the sooner you’ll have clarity to reach your goals.
  • Most businesses are stuck at a certain level because they haven’t made room for the growth with the proper foundational pieces.

“What I’ve come to realize is that the sooner I can acknowledge my own limitations and my own shortcomings in a healthy way, where I’m not trying to hide them because I’m ashamed of them, but instead bring them out in a way where I could teach from them, the faster I was able to make the internal changes that ultimately led to different external results.” —  Alexis Katz

About Alexis Katz:

Alexis is a lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO, founder, and new economy personal finance expert. She founded two companies, one (called New Law Business Model) that teaches lawyers how to serve families and business owners in ways that make a real difference in their lives. Her other company (Eyes Wide Open) supports you in being your own best financial advisor, with right-aligned decision making around legal, insurance, financial and tax matters.

Alexis also works with private clients to support the highest and best use of their time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources, so you can allocate your resources toward what really matters. Alexis most enjoys supporting families in bridging the gap between the generations with conversations around the highest and best use of Family Wealth.

Connect with Alexis Katz:

Twitter: @AlexisNeely & @NewLawBizModel

Facebook: Ali Katz & Alexis Neely & New Law Business Model

Website: AlexisKatz.com & New Law Business Model

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Instagram: @alexisalikatz

Connect with Denise Gosnell and The Vacation Effect:

Website:  DeniseGosnell.com

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Email:  [email protected]

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