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I Can Help You Find The Lasting Fulfillment You Crave In Addition To Money

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar To You?

Are you a highly successful entrepreneur or business professional who others envy, but you still feel like something is missing in your life? Do you ever feel burned out with your work and wish you had more free time? Or, do you really just want to increase your business profits while making a real impact in the world?

If you have ever felt that way, you are not alone. When I was in my mid-30’s, I was a millionaire who reached the point of burn-out where I totally abandoned my most lucrative revenue stream. I then spent several years restructuring my businesses and my life to create a lifestyle I absolutely love, and want to share what I’ve learned so you can too, but fast.

New Course About Lifestyle Design From Denise Gosnell



I’m currently creating a new online course to teach you how to create the business, home environment, and overall lifestyle that you crave! This course is being designed for people who can’t afford to work with me one on one, but still would like some guidance on improving their life. If there are certain topics that you want to see covered in the course, please reach out and let me know!

This is the house I'm so blessed to live in.

Hone in on the areas that are leaving you feeling unfulfilled

It’s time for you to figure out what is leaving you feeling like “something is missing”, or “I don’t know how long I can continue like this.”

Identify some immediate actions that will bring more joy into your life

There are some very simple steps you can take that will make a difference immediately in how much joy you experience on a daily basis.

Discover a work-life balance

You don’t have to keep working until you are exhausted, or where you feel like there is no time left for the things you’ve always wanted to do. Your personal life doesn’t have to suffer for you to succeed.

Set the bar higher and maneuver ambitiously

Once you fix the bottlenecks in your current business and lifestyle design, you will also be able to set the bar higher and reach your goals more easily, if you choose to.



These 5 secrets will get you on the path to creating a life you absolutely love in record time.

Featured Testimonial

I shutter to think of my life (and my business) without Denise…

Denise Gosnell’s background is so expansive that you’d normally have to pay a team of specialists to learn what she knows about business, legal, and life. Her turn-by-turn directions will save you both marketing dollars and nights of restless sleep, that alone was priceless to me. Denise, while a very gentle soul, has no problem telling you when she thinks your ego may be blinding you from making the right decisions in your business. She’s the professional that the top professionals seek guidance from. I’m so grateful she’s on my team and has my back. I shutter to think of my life (and my business) without Denise.

Sean Stephenson

Dr. Sean C. Stephenson

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Therapist

Trust Me. If I Can Do It, So Can You.

Hear about my wake up call that shifted the trajectory of my life and business.



I work one-on-one with highly successful entrepreneurs (usually 7+ figures) to help identify what is causing you friction and help you re-design your business and life so you can create the life you have always dreamed of.


I am available for keynote and other speaking opportunities to cover topics ranging from lifestyle design, increasing your profits, time management, and getting booked solid with business.

Services I Offer

If you are willing to evaluate your life, answer some tough questions, and make some changes, you can create a lifestyle and business that you simply love.



I also create custom workshops that can be offered at your events in break-out sessions or with the entire audience.


I am a skilled business strategist and attorney who is available for consulting on the ways to scale your business revenue, position your company for an acquisition, or solve your biggest challenges.

Hear From Client Success Stories

More coming soon.

About Me


Strategist, Lifestyle Designer, and Speaker

My diverse background in business, law, technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and self improvement provide me with a unique perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

  •  Trusted Advisor to Many Industry Millionaires
  •  Became A Self-Made Millionaire In My Mid-30’s
  •  7 Figure Business Owner
  •  Graduated with Doctor of Jurisprudence from Indiana University